Sun-Kissed with NKD SKN


Growing up going to the beach and maintaining a sun-kissed appearance was a part of my everyday life. As I’ve gotten older I now understand the importance of wearing sunscreen. I am no longer a Southern California resident and currently live in Northern California. Consequently, I’m no longer able to indulge in long days at the beach. The first few years living in Norcal was a tough transition living without my beloved ocean. I honestly also had a hard time without that sun-kissed glow too! Granted, the summers are hot in Northern California and I try to get my beach fix at least once a year. But maintaining a bronzed appearance in winter was no longer an option.

This is probably going against a lot of what I preach – self-acceptance and loving yourself as you are – but if I’m being honest, and this is the place to be it, there is just something uplifting about having extra melanin, the brown pigment that causes tanning. In some weird way, being tan makes me feel healthier, makes my clothes look better, and I feel more confident. To some, I’m sure I sound cray. But to those who feel me, keep reading…

Don’t get me wrong, its not that I don’t like the skin I’m in. I just prefer having that extra glow. Yikes though… as many know, both UVA and UVB light play an important role in conditions such as premature skin aging, eye damage (including cataracts), and skin cancers. They also suppress the immune system, reducing your ability to fight off these and other maladies. Eeek!

Although I love me a good tan, I do believe that it is so important to protect your skin. Since I always had good ol’ natural vitamin d on my side, I’ve never been one to use tanning booths or self tanners. I actually find tanning beds super disgusting and a waste of time/mula. Its like laying in a heated hotel bed that was poorly cleaned. yuck. And girrrrrllll, don’t me started on self tanners. They streak, smell, are loaded with who knows what – most likely parabens and chemicals galore! Until recently at least, that is what I thought about self tanners…


After some exploring on my THINK DIRTY app (if you don’t use this already, you have to download it asap!), I came across this brand NKD SKN

Their self tan is designed for all skin tones, uses formulas infused with organic and natural skincare extracts that hydrate, condition and nourish skin, and are completely paraben, perfume and alcohol free. AND unlike other daily moisturizer tans, NKD SKN dries instantly on skin, so you can get dressed straight after applying! NKD SKN gives a natural glow for up to 7 days, that fades perfectly back to nothing for the most realistic tanning without sun exposure.

As you can imagine, I had to try it.

The application process is pretty straight forward. You use their tanning mitt to smooth the mousse onto your body, starting from the bottom of your legs and moving upwards. The mitt is a great tool to avoid orange hands, although my kit came with a “mini mitt” that did not last too long. I might have been a little too aggressive with it or something because I ripped it within minutes.  Whoopsie! I still used it even though it was ripped. Again, I’m a bit heavy handed I guess because I also frequently got the mousse on my palms, so I just had to make sure I washed my hands every so often as I applied the mousse to avoid any blotches.


One thing to take notice of, when you start to apply the mousse it comes out with a green tint, which to some can be a little sketch. Trust the process though. The tan comes alive and becomes golden gradually over a 4-8 hour period. So, I applied mine after I worked-out, showered and before bed. In the morning when I woke up and took a shower, I had a perfectly, non-orange, golden glow!


This product is safe to use on your face. Because I have a specific facial routine, I chose to apply it only up to my jaw line. The winning pros for me: there is absolutely NO streaking, NO weird smell (there is a little bit of a scent, but its very, very mild), and most importantly, its toxic/paraben-free and a great bronzed color. So far, I’m on day 4 since I applied it. Since then, I’ve been able to do everything as normal without any sign of discoloration or spots.

I’m really happy with this product and if you are like me, someone who craves a little golden glow, it is a must-have! A few other amazing perks:

  • It is available to purchase at Target and Ultra!
  • It received a zero rating on the THINK DIRTY app, meaning it has no sign of ingredients which have a documented negative health impact. 

For more tips and information on NKD SKN, click here.

If you have any questions about this product that I may have missed, please ask me in the comments section below!

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