Warby Parker: Spring 2015 Collection

Warby Parker

Over the past couple years, I’ve really simplified my accessory game. I used to purchase tons of costume jewelry, rings, earrings, bracelets, toe rings, anklets… okay you get the picture. But as I’ve aged, I swear 25 going on 45, I believe less is more. Its as if your body is a canvas and the accessories highlight your favorite features. Corny, I know, but really! For example, your hair is definitely an accessory. Other features include your lips and dressing them up with a pop of color, your feet and wearing some killer booties or heels, your fingers with a steller mani and stacking some dainty rings, and lastly, your eyes– highlighting them with a gorgeous pair of sunnies or eyeglasses.

Warby Parker Eyeglasses - Newton Peacock Tortoise

Last week, I had the pleasure of discovering Warby Parker’s new Spring 2015 collection. This season’s eight new shapes and six new colors have some added depth (literally). Classic at first glance, but look a little deeper and you’ll discover nautical design details borrowed from the open sea: anchor-hued titanium blended with blue coral acetate, sandy shades modeled after rippled ocean floors, saltwater matte finishes, jellyfish-inspired tortoise, and more—including a handful of solid standbys.  You’re going to want to post up on the beach somewhere or dive into the ocean just looking through this collection! Its dreamy on every level.  And, proud to announce that the Spring 2015 collection is available online today! Also, this collection is now available for Home Try-On, its in stores and showrooms. And get this… they start at only $95! Sucha deal.

What’s Home Try-On?

Um, just the best and smartest way to purchase glasses (both sunnies and eyeglasses) on the internet. 5 glasses for 5 days, for free. Yup! You pick your fave 5 styles, Warby Parker ships them to you for FREE, you try them on, and then you make your decision on which to purchase– which is always a tough call. As simple as that. Amazing, right?! 

Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

Not only is Warby Parker on the edge of the newest shapes, colors and eyewear designs, but they’re making a BIG impact.  Did you know that almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, which means that 15% of the world’s population cannot effectively learn or work. To help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. A great product and a great cause– love it!


To date, Warby Parker has distributed one million pairs of glasses to people in need. 

For Warby Parker’s complete Spring 2015 collection, see below.

20552-WP_Archie200_Topdown 20552-WP_Archie675_Topdown 20552-WP_Cass200_Topdown 20552-WP_Carnaby3265_Topdown 20552-WP_CARNABY3155-TOPDOWN 20552-WP_Brooks3225_Topdown 20552-WP_BROOKS3175_TOPDOWN

20552-WP_Arthur100_Topdown 20552-WP_Finch234_TOPDOWN 20552-WP_Daisy234_TOPDOWN 20552-WP_Daisy147_TOPDOWN 20552-WP_chalmer3228_Topdown 20552-WP_Chalmer3200_Topdown 20552-WP_Cass353_Topdown 20552-WP_THEO228_TOPDOWN 20552-WP_SULLIVAN215_TOPDOWN 20552-WP_SULLIVAN144_TOPDOWN 20552-WP_NEWTON234-TOPDOWN 20552-WP_Newton147_Topdown 20552-WP_Haskell500_TopdownIf you like what you see — get it? — click here to view everything Warby Parker. Or, if you can’t see, definitely click here.



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