Own Your Bed Head + Video Hair Tutorial

We have all woke up one time or another (or everyday) with some hair craziness going on. Its the worst– especially when you may be short on time, or possibly overslept — yup we’ve all been there too. And how does that dreaded bed head even occur? I mean, its not our Casper mattress, they are too cloud-like, cool (literally) comfy, and form to your body. You know, ” a luxurious marriage between latex and memory form.” Then what could it be? And how do we fix it?

I’m excited to introduce a few tips that I use when I’m in a hair-rush-bed-head frenzy. And, what better way to do so than with my first YouTube video?! I knew you would be excited :) 

Now, as I mentioned, I am not a hair guru nor would I even consider myself great at doing hair. But, I know what works for me and maybe it will be useful to you in some way (that is the whole goal here, isn’t it?). 

Now if either examples above just don’t cut it for you. No worries, I’ve got you covered and took the liberty to ask the experts. I got you girl! Luckily, the amazing Whitney Danno of Artistic Beauty , aka my older, beauty savvy sister, came through with some additional information when you’re in dire need of some hair help.  One of her favorite, quick fix tips is to grab hair pomad and create a fishtale braid. After you make the braid, Whitney suggests loosening the hair open and apart to make a messy bohemian hair style within 5 minutes. (as pictured below)


Fish tail braid


Other quick fix hair recommendations are: a top knot, sleek pony tail, or  I say throw a cute floppy fedora on it!
Let us know in the comment section below, what’s your favorite go-to hair fix?


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