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Introducing Jamie


Welcome to, my lifestyle blog! I’m SO excited to start filling in my website, sharing useful and fun recipes, entertaining ideas and general lifestyle tips to living a nourished life!  Cooking is such a big passion of mine. I’ve had a bit of a food journey, figuring out what makes me feel good and what I cannot tolerate, read more about my health journey here. My hope is that through my food experimentations and experiences, I influence you in a positive way throughout your journey to being a healthier you!

Also, I LOVE entertaining. I can’t think of anything better than sharing a delicious spread of food, surrounded by laughter and great company. My biggest philosophy when eating/living healthy, is why does it need to look unpresentable or taste mediocre? My mission here, is to provide quality food that not only tastes amazing, but looks beautiful!

If you look through my website, you will of course come to many blank pages. That’s because this is brand spankin’ new! But, I encourage you to explore! Get to know me ,the topics I will be writing on and maybe some answers to a few of your predisposed questions. I hope it gets you excited about what is to come! I have some really great ideas up my sleeve, with fun series and recipes I’m dying to share!

Cheers and here’s to the beginning!

Simply Enjoy

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  1. Gaylene Brubaker says:

    Wow! My Daughter Ali has been tracking you for quite a while and showing me your amazing journey!I am in! Thank-you for the inspiration!

  2. Vicky Einstein Culver says:

    Love your spirit! I have not met you but I knew your dad and Aunt Nancy in my teenage years!!! Your writing is energizing and now I’m hungry tee hee:) keep up the great work!

    • Jamie says:

      Vicky, what a pleasure to meet you! Thanks so much and stay hungry, I promise I’ll keep the food-filling posts coming! XO

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