Why Polka Dot Media?

So, you have a small or medium sized business, maybe you’re planning an event, or even planning a wedding. You understand you must communicate your ideas to be heard, but with all the hashtag this, tag me that, post, pin, like and share mumbo jumbo, you tend to get lost in transition. Am I right? Or, maybe you get it. Go you! 

But, who has the time?! The time to plan, schedule and manually promote when you and I both know there are a million and one other responsibilities to attend to.  In today’s technological world, social branding is essential when running a successful business or executing that perfect event.  There is nothing more important than creating a united message across all platforms. Social media offers an affordable way to build your brand online, engage more people and easily interact with potential and existing customers.

Other branding devices such as editorial, blogging, advertising, event social branding and memorabilia, are just a few additional resources to help accomplish outstanding results. Another key to being successful is: information about your products and services need to accessible to your clients at all times. Not only do people want to love your brand (because I guarantee they already do!) but, they want to relate and become apart of the entire experience. 

POLKA DOT MEDIA understands these needs and fulfills them by offering an area of services such as (but not limited to):

  • Brand positioning, awareness + management
  • Digital + social media strategy
  • Copywriting + copyediting
  • Website concept + creation
  • Marketing + public relations
  • Creative + art direction
  • Food + lifestyle photography and styling
  • Event + onsite branding
  • Design services