Will you be my Valentine?

be mine wallpaper

I don’t know what it is, but I love Valentine’s Day.

I know some would say it is a cheesey Hallmark holiday. But the way I see it, why not embrace one day centered around love? Not to get all spread love not war – but I LOVE the concept of taking a day to cherish those in your life. It’s like a mini-birthday for everyone you know!

sunday morning wallpaper

you me sea

I challenge you to stop thinking about Valentine’s day as another holiday obligation. Instead, treat your significant other with a sweet card and gesture you know they would love – like cleaning the house for them, crafting a picnic in the park, or buying them their favorite treats (or in my case macaroons). It is all about the little things.

Single? Good! Because this day is for you too! Grab your girlfriends for drinks or a night in and laugh until your stomach hurts. Buy flowers for someone you appreciate. Do something to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you!


i choose you wallpaper

Each year to celebrate V-Day, I usually create some delish heart-inspired treat. Like here, here and here. This year I want to give my readers something they could use instantly. I’ve created some fun wallpapers you can use on your desktop, iPhone or print and give to someone you love!

(Use for personal use only)

Click here to download Be Mine

Click here to download I Choose You

Photo credit: The pink watercolor was produced by Katie Fiddler for Designlovefest.com’s “dress your tech” series.

Click here to download You Me & The Sea

Photo credit: The blue watercolor was produced by Katie Fiddler for Designlovefest.com’s “dress your tech” series.

Click here to download Sunday Morning with You 

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