14 Things to Be Thankful For in 2014

2014 recap

Now that the Christmas chaos cheer is settling, we have just a few days left in 2014. I know I’ve said this in other posts before, but time is such an odd concept to me. And with that, age boggles my mind even more! The days, months and years pass by faster and faster and yet, often I remember things as if they just happened yesterday. Or, have you ever gone back to a place or spent time with friends that you haven’t seen in a long time? And even though so much time has passed, you feel like nothing has changed? It’s that feeling. 

Like most, I feel that I never have enough hours in the day. At work, home, on the weekends, I always feel like I’m chasing the clock. There is such an urgency to get things done. And then, when I actually have extra time, which isn’t really extra time because let’s be real, theres always something to finish or get done– a bill to pay or errand to run– but when I have “downtime” I don’t know what to do with myself. I just have to laugh because its all too funny and odd at the same time. I guess I crave being busy… but somewhere in there I know its important to sit back and relax. To be thankful for what you have accomplished instead of counting the ways you can improve.

To be honest, and if you’re here reading this, this is the place to be the most honest, in my generation, the Millennial’s, a generation of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a little Facebook– who uses Facebook anymore? Thats for our parents and brands, am I right? We should be called The FOMO (fear of missing out) generation, or The One Uppers. Doesn’t it seem that every time you “connect” with someone, and by connect I mean see a post on one of the above forms of social media, its always about some “showoff” product, experience or vanity shot, aka selfie. We are all guilty of it and in my opinion, that makes us the ultimate marketers. Really though. We constantly use product placement without even knowing it. I think our culture has trained us well. Whether you see your friends out at the newest bar, sporting a new pair of Tory Burch flats, or jetting to Cabo for a girls weekend — you feel in competition that you must post something as equally exciting, or what kind of life do you live? We can’t be boring. We have to one up. But the reality is, most of us, if not all of us are living blessed lives. And at this age, 25, we all crave the same things– success (of course), money (sure, who doesn’t), Fame? (maybe), but mostly, we just want direction and fulfillment.

So, what does this all mean? Why do I share these thoughts? I guess when I decided to write on all the things I accomplished this year, and reflect on why I should be thankful… since we’re being honest, I struggled with the concept. I love the idea of this post, but deep down I find myself being pessimistic on the things I DIDNT do. The things I didn’t accomplish. And the places I didn’t go. But, I know, what good is that attitude? That type of thought process is neither good for the soul nor is it good to push out into the universe. I’m a firm believer to practice what you preach… you know, push out good vibes and good things will come.

The truth is, I have a lot to be proud of. And not in a “one upper”, or conceited way. But, even when I think of all the things I haven’t done yet, there are still many things that I have accomplished in the past year that I should be thankful/proud of. Kind of like a lot of things in my life, I need to slow down, let life happen, and live more in the moment and continue to push forward in the best way possible. Q: Do you ever do that? Just BE in the moment, instead of trying to Snapchat it, Insta it, share it or recreate it? Think about it.  

With a lot of thought, and not in any particular order, here are 14 things, experiences, trips and instances I am thankful for in 2014: 

Taking a trip of a lifetime to Paris with Karl. Our first time traveling out of the country together, going to Paris– the most charming and romantic city in the world. I loved everything about this trip. From getting “lost” daily and exploring the city by foot, to our early morning runs along the Seine River, placing a lock on lover’s bridge, seeing Paris at night from the top of the Eiffel Tower and the unforgettable sprint, literally, across Paris to catch our bus to Versailles. From all the traveling I have done so far, this was by far my favorite trip yet. ParisParisParisParis


Starting Jamiedanno.com. It was a very long time coming. A idea that I had thought about over and over… the logo (which is still a work in progress), the name (which I ended up simplifying to the extreme) and ultimately just making it happen. Early in 2014, I finally create this space to post my recipes and fitness tips, and through the process learned I enjoyed posting on other topics such as entertaining, crafting, fashion and beauty as well. Although I don’t post as much as I think about writing. Nor do I make any amount of money from the time I invest in this space, I’m SO happy and proud that I have a place to be creative and a resource for people use if they please. Jamiedanno.com

Balloon tassel


Took a girls trip to Napa with my two best friends. Spending time with my girlfriends is always so detoxing, wish we could get together more often, but I’m so thankful for the time we do spend together.Napa Napa


A birthday trip to Mendocino with Karl and Harper, my first time visiting the quaint town!MendocinoMendocinoMendocinoMendocino


Started publishing more writing on BettyConfidential.com. See herehere here, here, here and here. So thankful to have the opportunity to work some amazing people, products and companies!


Took a girls trip to SF for Melissa’s birthday. Too many weird voices, reminiscing and uncontrollable laughter to last another year!San Francisco with KatieKatie and Melissa, SF


Discovered a lovely new campground in Mendocino with K and Harpie. Looking forward to more little trips there.CampingHarperMendocino


Created many new favorite recipes on Jamiedanno.com. I encourage you to try them all!Banana Nut Chocolate Chip CookieButternut Squash CasserolePlantain ChipsBerry Cherry Trifle


Had some girl time in San Diego, California burrito included. San Diego


Grew a plentiful garden with lots of tomatoes, jalapeños, herbs, squash, cucumber and strawberries.


Made time for more crafting and picked up watercoloring.DIY Flower CrownDIY Hair TiesWatercolor


Lots of hiking and running with Harper and Karl. Going to continue to staying fit and health in 2015!Harper HarperHarper


Got to spent a whole week with my niece, Nixon! I love spoiling her, she’s so smart, beautiful and I miss her everyday I don’t get to see her.NixonNixon and Harper


Created Polka Dot Media & Jamie Danno The Shop. It’s been a pleasure to work so many local small and medium-sized businesses, helping them create and grow their brand and social presence. Also, I am excited to continue to design and create fun memorabilia– can’t wait for more to come in 2015!

Polka Dot Media Jamie Danno Shop


I’m hoping 2015 will be my year. A year to continue to grow, to take the bull by the horns and embrace change. Whatever you have in store for me 2015, I’m ready for you and I think it is going to be great! 

Tell me in the comments section below or tweet me @Jamiedanno: What are you thankful for this year, and what did you accomplish?

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