DIY Jamberry Manicure and Pedicure

DIY Jamberry Nails

If there’s one thing I always try to do for myself, it is getting my nails done. Don’t get me wrong, when there are times to cut corners financially, I skip the salon and dig into my basket of polishes. Often in between manicures (when I’m not using gel polish), I get into these phases where I must buy a new color in order to paint my nails.  As if I didn’t already own too much nail polish. But, in a way it’s therapeutic. There is something about having a set of freshly manicured nails and toes that just makes a girl feel good. Similar to a little retail therapy, but we’ll discuss that another time. Shh, because I do that too.

When I came across Jamberry Nails, I was familiar with similar products. But, this simple two step concept of heating to apply the wrap was new. Plus, after looking through all of their millions of designs and colors, I couldn’t resist but try! And, I love a product that is all natural, chemical-free and vegan friendly. 

Coffee and Nails

For an at home manicure/pedicure, I really enjoy the simple, yet creativity process of Jamberry nail wraps. Being the perfectionist I am, this application did not take me 10-15 minutes as advertised, but I enjoy taking my time, hence why it is therapeutic for me. Also, something I absolutely love is that Jamberry nail wraps are tough enough for my active lifestyle. Between cooking, dishes, gardening, GSD (German Shepard Dog) playing, working out, ect. the nails have to withhold all the abuse. Hands down no chipping, lifting, peeling, or damaging your natural nail, which are all HUGE benefits in my book! Lastly, I love that you can layer. As I mentioned above, I routinely get gel polish manicures. But, of course even with a gel manicure your nail grows out. What I did with the Jamberry nail wraps, is I layered it over my gel manicure as an extra fun accent nail. I even recycled a small piece as a diagonal design. So many options, so simply and SO fun! You can get a set of 10 Jamberry nail wraps for $15, which last up to 2 weeks on your nails and 4 weeks on your toenails, versus an average manicure which costs $30-45+ and last maybe a week or 2, if you’re lucky.

What do need?

  • Hairdryer 
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Nail-filer
  • Toothpick or wooden stick
  • Jamberry product and designs

How do you put Jamberry on?

Where to buy Jamberry?

You’re in luck! I have a personal contact that you can use for all your Jamberry needs! Be sure to visit the wonderful Hannah Raskin by clicking here!


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