Lately I’ve been obsessed with marble. And I don’t mean just marble countertops, or that one pretty marble bathroom; I mean everything marble. There is something magical about the rock. I know what you’re thinking, this girl cray… but seriously, think about it.  It’s uses are everything from Greek and Roman sculptures to modern cheese platers and cutting-boards, that in itself is chic.  It comes in a variety of colors white, red, bronze with various color veins threaded throughout, violet, rose, black. C’mon, you can’t tell me that isn’t simply gorgeous?!


1.  Marble countertops. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, or a dining-room table, marble countertops provide a sense of elegance with a feminine touch. The combination of hard rock, with gold accents, and floral textures create a ambiance of luxury you can replicate over and over again.

2. Marble trays and planters. The color contrast between white and grey marble, a few simple trinkets and fresh flowers adds chic style and simplicity to any room. I love the look of a marble vase, full of soft peonies, or a garden pot of kitchen herbs.

3. Marble manicure. One thing my father, yes, father, always told me was, “spend the money and get your nails done.” And its true! In my opinion, there is nothing classier then when a woman has her nails manicured.  Not only does it show she cares, but you can learn a lot about a person by her finger nails. Maybe she’s edgy, glam, simple, a rock-star, diva, etc. For me, I like it all. But, my favorite is a simple nude, light pink, black or white manicure with a sublet accent nail and pattern.

4. Marble kitchen accessories. From cheeseboards, cutting boards, to utensil holders, marble accessories in the kitchen easily vogues your space.

5.  Marble in tech. Might seem silly, but its the perfect way to take modern chic with you on the go.


Are you as obsessed with marble as I am? Tell me {in the comments section} where you use it in your life!

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