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Question: Salty or Sweet?
For me, it has gotta be sweet. I have the biggest sweet-tooth ever, especially after eating something savory. And, let’s face it, sugar IS addicting! Hey, and that is not just my opinion, its a fact– science proven. But, thats another topic for another day, coming soon!

Just like the sweetness of honey, I get addicted to stuff or discover a new, fun gadget that just can’t live without. This is a series I’m introducing called “Sweet-tooth”, because we all have that brand of this, or product of that, in which we CRAVE. And, sometimes it’s that one product that comes along, that just sweeps you off your feet! I’m always searching for the next best gluten-free, sugar-free, you name it-free, that will contribute to my endeavors of becoming the best version of me.

1. So, about 3 weeks ago I finally used my Lululemon gift card that I got this past Christmas. I always have SUCH a hard time pulling the trigger with their apparel. $80 for running pants?  Oh, okay? Right. But, despite their old CEO’s judgements, I do fall in love with their products. Their Run Inspire Crop II does everything I need it to. Whether it’s a heart-pumping crossfit WOD {work out of the day} or a trip to the farmer’s market, I can trust that my comfort and athletic performance are taken care of. Plus, super slimming and make the bootey look seamless no matter what’s really goin on. BONUS!

2. Chameleon Cold-Brew. If you’re like me, you can: A. Drink coffee at anytime of the day and, B. Most likely by 12pm you’re on the third cup. Too much caffeine you say? It’ll stain my teeth? Ya, ya, ya… nothing I haven’t heard before. But, have you tried the Chameleon? Say whaaa? This is by far my favorite coffee. ever. I don’t even buy coffee beans anymore! And, I tend to pass up most coffee shop lattes until I get home to make a cup of my Chameleon. It’s that good. Chameleon Cold-Brew is brewed for 16 hours using only 100% organic, fair trade Arabica beans and filtered water. Their unique cold-brewing process results in a smooth, highly caffeinated, less acidic coffee that can be enjoyed hot or over ice. Add water, dairy, or your favorite flavor and drink it anytime, anyhow, anywhere! It’s Ah-mazing! I prefer my coffee black, but for those of you that need to add a little sumthin’ sumthin’, I recommend adding a little non-dairy milk such as almond milk or coconut milk. Or, for my Paleo vets, bulletproof it {spooning in some grass-fed butter- don’t knock it until you try it}. Mmm Delish!

3. That’s it snack bar. 1 apple + 1 pear- That’s It. 1 apple + 1 banana- That’s It. 1 apple + 3 apricots- That’s It. 1 apple + 10 cherries- That’s It.
Okay, I think you get it? This snack bar is simply pure, no added sugars, no hidden ingredients. Just fruit, and Thaaaat’s it. LOVE IT!

4. I can’t get enough of cutesie kitchen decor. From wall-hangings to measuring cups, make it fun! How adorbable are Love You A Latte’s tea towels?

5. KitchenAid standing mixer… need I say more?

6. Okay, this Sambonet H Art Gold 5 piece place setting is. to. die for! AH, I’m obsessed with it. For any type of dinner party, holiday or oscar-themed soiree, these are PERFECT. And, I need them. Now. Plus, I can totally justify the $140, can’t you?

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  1. Lindley says:

    Loved reading this and I’m going to give the coffee a try! Furthermore, $140 is totally justifiable for an amazing gold silverware set that will go with everything!

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